Custom Design

Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc. regularly develops new electronic products, software applications and services. We have the manufacturing facilities, experience and expertise to work with you on any custom product in our fields of expertise. The plant floor space is sufficient to stage a factory acceptance test with multiple operatorsí stations and simulation of WAN. There are 7,200 square feet for manufacturing and 3,600 square feet for design and administration

A few previous projects and applications include:
  • Automated barge loading and leveling systems

  • Coke plant air filtration control

  • Fuel distribution control

  • Mine shaft ventilation control

  • Remote sign control

  • Saw Mill control

  • Weir Gate monitor and control
If you have a custom product or application in mind, please talk to us about your needs. You can reach Steve Gardner, our manufacturing engineer, by calling 1 (800) 243-4890 extension 706 or click to send an email.

For specialty instrumentation and control projects, call Tim McGee, electrical engineer and developer, at 1 (800) 243-4890 extension 717 or click to send an email.

DFA - design and manufacture of custom electronic products.
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