ProductionMACS™ Software - Gasfield and Oilfield Monitor and Control HMI

ProductionMACS,™ a graphical based operational software, provides a user-friendly, cost effective approach to SCADA / Telemetry Systems for Gasfield and Oilfield applications. DFA developed the ProductionMACS™ software using National Instrument's LabVIEW®, a leading industry standard process control language. See a typical ProductionMACS™ Oil well screen below.
ProductionMACS™ is the user interface to telemetry systems for gasfield and oilfield applications.
ProductionMACS™ defines the SCADA System functionality and runs on a multi-tasking Microsoft Windows operating system. The software monitors all system variables, implements control commands, performs data charting and alarm logging, provides an operator human machine interface (HMI) and is accompanied by the DFA Report Module for report generation of logged system variables.

The operator interface is implemented by interactive graphics screen inputs as well as keyboard input. A mouse is required to 'click on' screen control buttons. System, summary, and detail screens are custom designed for each SCADA System as specified by the customer. DFA maintains a staff of programmers for software support and customizing to meet system or customer needs.

Additional features of WaterMACS™
  • LabVIEW® is a full programming language with endless customization capability exceeding any of the precompiled scripting software. On the System Control Computer (SCC) desktop the monitor and control software known as ProductionMACS™, the radio driver known as LVMAC™, and the automatic telephone dialer known as LVDialer™ are all developed by DFA in National Instruments LabVIEW®, a leading industry standard process control language, for seamless integration of the Water and Wastewater Control System software functions.

  • Unlimited I/O within the SCADA System and no license fees for additional I/O to the SCADA System.

  • ProductionMACS™ is built with a tag database or a viewable file that specifies how a specific input/output is to be scaled, calibrated, formatted, etc. WaterMACS™ has dynamic tag editing. Tag scaling and I/O specifications can be changed by the user at any time through the Tag Editor.

  • Password protection with 8 defined security areas that can be enabled and configured as needed. The user can define up to 99 user groups for segregated access to the SCADA System. This allows for distribution of security features to multiple employees dealing with multiple facets of the SCADA System.

  • Built-in device drivers for hundreds of devices enabling ProductionMACS™ to communicate with most off the shelve PLCs.

  • ProductionMACS™ can communicate in multiple protocols including Modbus, Ethernet IP, Profibus, and DH for local plant communications.

  • ProductionMACS™ comes standard with the DFA Report Module. However ProductionMACS™ may interface with any reporting database such as Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, ODBC, SQL, CSV, text, and etc.

  • ProductionMACS™ can communicate with any other HMI package as a server or client. Communication methods include DDE and OPC.

  • The charting feature of ProductionMACS™ is fully scalable to the values charted on the x-axis, y-axis, or both. Up to 8 data points can be viewed simultaneously on the chart with the ability to save the charted data groups to quickly retrieve chart configurations.

  • Server-client operation is available for multiple users at multiple locations. Web server is available for browser access which is especially useful for interface with cell phones and PDAs that have internet access.
ProductionMACS™ software - user friendly, cost effective
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